Eve Hewson photographed by Kerry Hallihan | InStyle Magazine, September 2014


Julian Casablancas & The Voidz at Governors Ball Music Festival

ph by Hilda Pellerano


A Swedish Love Story (1970) - Dir. Roy Andersson | Sweden

Everybody is going far nowadays.



Jessica Chastain, photographed by Amy Troost for Madame Figaro, Sep 2014.

do you prefer ryan+nic or mads+nic?

i love me some threesome

Paul Banks of Interpol, photographed by Eric Ryan Anderson, 2014.


Naissance des pieuvres (Water Lilies, 2007) - dir. Céline Sciamma | France


"I set out to make movies about girls from the girl’s point of view … a lot of films celebrate women, but most of the time it is men doing the talking, so it ends up being a man’s perspective on women, rather than an authentic experience of being female." - Céline Sciamma, director of Water Lilies, Tomboy and Girlhood.

Whoever the hell this is, go to hell.

The Knick - 1x05 - They Capture the Heat

Look, we can’t change Karin. But I can help you.


"Jesse James was like a game of chicken; it was whoever blinked first. Eventually, people got sick of fighting over it … I actually had a lot of sympathy for those who didn’t see the movie the same way I did. I mean, I certainly had sympathy for Warner Bros., because they gave me 36 million dollars, and I delivered them a film they didn’t want or like. You know, you never want to run around and lose people’s money in this business, because you won’t go very far. At the same time, I really believed in what the film was. I thought it was something really special, so I wanted to protect it. It’s not like the changes which could have been made to it what have eliminated the financial trouble. It just would have been a bad film that didn’t work out, as opposed to a good film that didn’t work out.” - Andrew Dominik