xwhat’s the point of all this? why am i here? there is no choice and this is who i am. i have a habit of lying and i do it no better than to myself. and you and i, the definition of opposites, are just the same. more in common with each other than anyone else. but maybe there is no one else. 

maybe that’s why i don’t like to run through open doors.”

Title: Breaker 1
Artist: Interpol
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In the blackest darkness, even a dim light is better than no light at all.

The Knick - 1x03 - The Busy Flea

Rihanna For W Magazine


This is all anyone wants in life, right?

The beginning of the end of the end of the beginning has begun.

Title: Can't Do Without You
Artist: Caribou
Played: 102 times

Keira Knightley on the cover of Interview Magazine: September 2014 - The Photographer’s Issue

Interpol - “Slow Hands”

what did you think about enemy? I found it to be very confusing especially the ending. But I watched an analyzed review by chris stuckmann and his interpretation blew my mind.

i loved enemy, the atmosphere denis created with all this yellow is really suffocating and makes you feel dizzy. i didn’t watch this chris guy and didn’t read the book, so from the movie i can say there are a few ways of interpretation, and none of them is exclusive. [SPOILERS] i don’t really like to make things more complicated than they actually are, so my opinion is that the main character has multiple personality disorder, and it might’ve been caused by his girlfriend’s death in a car accident that we see in the ending of the film. I think there are three of him, one in the beginning when he comes to a club and two other during the film. but which one is truly him it’s for you to decide. ah yeah, the spiders, i think they’re like some of a glitch, like a really bad thought or a nightmare that repeats every night or even every day. like i said it’s not exclusive, i have a few more of guesses.

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