Title: Rest My Chemistry
Artist: Interpol
Played: 811 times

I live my life filled with no pain. Just some rage and three kinds of yes.

June 16  •  129 notes

Title: Don't Look Back In Anger
Artist: Oasis
Played: 529 times

Take me to the place where you go, where nobody knows if it’s night or day.

June 15  •  144 notes

Title: Mythsysizer
Artist: Paul Banks
Played: 1179 times

Paul, I think you’re doing a great job.

June 12  •  76 notes

Title: Cold
Artist: Blood Red Shoes
Played: 189 times

Blood Red Shoes | Cold

June 11  •  17 notes

Played: 130 times


The xx | As I Am (Live)

June 10  •  20 notes

Title: Thick As Thieves
Artist: Kasabian
Played: 3589 times

I gave you all your scars but you gave me mine.

June 09  •  97 notes

Title: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
Artist: The Killers
Played: 409 times

She said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go.
She couldn’t scream while I held her close.
I swore I’d never let her go.

June 08  •  90 notes

Title: Precious
Artist: Depeche Mode
Played: 1581 times


Depeche Mode | Precious

June 06  •  181 notes

Title: Ziggy Stardust
Artist: David Bowie
Played: 130 times

Happy 40th Birthday, ‘Ziggy Stardust’!

June 06  •  38 notes

Title: Club Foot
Artist: Kasabian
Played: 4951 times

I’m chasin down the wolves to save you.

June 06  •  857 notes

Played: 49 times

Kasabian | Fire (live at iTunes Festival London 2011)

May 31  •  3 notes

Title: My Body Is A Cage
Artist: Arcade Fire
Played: 699 times

My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love. But my mind holds the key. You’re standing next to me.

May 29  •  174 notes

Title: Narc
Artist: Interpol
Played: 4235 times


Interpol | Narc

May 28  •  823 notes

Title: Manhattan
Artist: Kings of Leon
Played: 30 times

gonna show this town how to kiss these stars

May 24  •  12 notes